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The windmill worked wonders for my waist, but that’s about all I can say.  Maybe if I kept doing them longer, I might see some more serious results, but seeing as how I pulled my back and tortured my neck doing them, the first time,. I think I’ll try something else.

To be honest, I’m really not a fan of workouts.  I had one I followed for a little while, but when we moved, I fell out of practice.  Ian goes to the gym, but I’m just waiting out spring so that I can get back on my bike.    I like my exercise to have a purpose, like going to the store to buy chips.  I like to get somewhere.  I like to see scenery and I like to go at my own pace. And when I’m on my bike, I can daydream, I can sort through the day’s worries, plot new story ideas or just breathe deep and not think at all.  When I do a workout routine, I’m just watching TV, which is something I do too much of anyway.

So maybe biking isn’t not ladylike, but it sure as hell beats laying on the floor writhing around like I’m possessed by Satan.

Workout, Day 4

“To Slim Inner Thighs: Stand on tiptoe with feet together and, without moving forth from that spot, “prance” in position.  The brisk, back and forth motion will slap the inner thighs and knees together, reducing excess fat.  Continue running in place for one minute.” Arlene Dahl, Always Ask A Man


I’m a Maniac! (Good God, do I really look like that?!?)

There’s something instinctively Flashdance about this motion, but yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not how exercise works.  But then again, maybe I’m not “prancing” correctly.  I’m sort of not sure how this one works, to tell you the truth.  

Had to skip the windmills tonight.  I think I pulled my back . . . badly.  Beauty hurts.  (Whoopie Pies, on the other hand, do not!)

Workout, Day 3

“To slim upper hips: Lie flat with arms extended at shoulder level.  Bend your knees (to your chest) and roll from side to side, keeping shoulders flat as you roll.  Roll five times to each side.  Work up to 20.”  Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man



My legs still hurt from the first set of windmills.  This one actually hurt my neck a bit, which I have to watch out for because I did serious damage to my neck/left shoulder in a fall three years ago which has, at times, made it difficult to keep up a workout routine.  I can usually keep it going for a bit, then I hurt myself and fall out of practice . . . but this one is low key enough (and has enough options) to keep it fresh.

Workout, Day II

“To eliminate round shoulders, dowagers hump . . .lie flat, arms at sides.  Without assistance from your elbows, arch you back as it f being pulled skyward by a string attached to your breastbone.  At the same time, slide your head back until the top of it touches the floor.” Arlene Dahl Always Ask a Man.

I’m going to start out by saying that I hurt.  My back, my sides, the whole thing.  Yesterday’s exercise works.

I do slump at my desk.  I kind of can’t help it.  I try to sit up, but inevitably, I’ll end up slouched and stressed out.  I did a similar move with my yoga DVD, only the frizzy haired instructor who was probably named Denise explained it as “shine the light of your heart out into the universe.”

Today sucked, and it sucked for the entirety of it, and I’m just coming down from the sheer suckiness of it.  Being able to work out in front of Justified helps.  So I tried 10 reps of one, and I did another 15 of the windmills even though I could barely touch my toes.  I didn’t feel the light of my heart shining out into the universe, but oh well.

“Raise arms above the head and, (in a sweeping motion), twist from the waist to the right, down to touch the toes, around to the left and back up to the original position,  repeat twice to the right and reverse”  Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man

ImageSo since I’ve put on a little weight, I guess I’d better slim down or I’ll never get a husband.  Arlene gives a very detailed exercise routine for every possible body flaw, so I’m going to try a new one every night this week until I have a whole routine worked out.

This one is designed to reduce spare tire and slim waist.  Now since I generally have no waist to speak of, maybe I can create one.  

I did 15 reps per side an OH MY GOD I HURT.  This is TOUGH.

I’m going to be beautiful!