Workout, Day 4

“To Slim Inner Thighs: Stand on tiptoe with feet together and, without moving forth from that spot, “prance” in position.  The brisk, back and forth motion will slap the inner thighs and knees together, reducing excess fat.  Continue running in place for one minute.” Arlene Dahl, Always Ask A Man


I’m a Maniac! (Good God, do I really look like that?!?)

There’s something instinctively Flashdance about this motion, but yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not how exercise works.  But then again, maybe I’m not “prancing” correctly.  I’m sort of not sure how this one works, to tell you the truth.  

Had to skip the windmills tonight.  I think I pulled my back . . . badly.  Beauty hurts.  (Whoopie Pies, on the other hand, do not!)

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