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Crowdsourcing my ‘do

I think it’s about time I got rid of my accidental, once-called-Paul-Dano-esq flip hairdo, as it has grown to an odd, shaggy length that, while cute, is sort of boring me.

But, like makeup, I am terrible at picking out a haircut, so I thought, why not enlist the help of the internet?  They ALWAYS make good decisions (see also: The return of Arrested Development)

Hair Front

I’ve got three specific choices, but I’m up for suggestions.  I want something cute, but needs minimal maintence, but sexy.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

OPTION ONE: Leave it the way it is and grow it out.  Should be long and even by fall with only a few basic trims.

OPTION TWO: The Sin City “Lucille” bob.  Downside: Have to curl it under every day.

OPTION THREE: The Victoria Beckham/Faye Valentine angled bob.  Downside: I’d have to straighten it every day, and will probably burn my ears


Option #2

OPTION FOUR: Suggestions?  Tweet them to @libbycudmore or email them (with pics!) to geek.girl.goes.glam (at) gmail (dot) com


Option #3

The Girls Don’t Seem to Care

Kick off your high-heeled sneakers, it’s party time” Steely Dan, “FM”

Though I can’t find a specific quote referring to it, I recall reading somewhere that a woman should always wear heels.  Something about having nice legs and men like them and so on.  Maybe Victoria Beckham said it, I don’t know.

But THIS WEEK I am going to wear high heels WITH EVERY OUTFIT.  Oh yeah.   I started yesterday, wearing these CUTE round-toe Bettie Page heels I got from Mandee when I was in college with rose-print Betsey Johnson socks and skinny jeans.  Wearing funky socks with heels is MY NEW LOOK, stolen off the back of the Betsey Johnson sock package.

Today I wore pretty much the same combo, only with black and white patterned socks and slightly different pants.  And since I sit all day, my feet didn’t hurt too badly.  Strutting around the grocery store, I felt very, very sexy.  It feels good to wear heels again.