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Mix Tape Blues

So a lot has happened since last I blogged…I’ve got a literary agent, the wonderful Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich, I finally got a halfway-decent haircut and, well, Catch came back.  Guess I owe Robert Rodriguez and his horrible Sin City 2 trailer for that one.

But now I’m tasked with making a mix CD for Catch and that’s harder than I expected.  I had a whole CD planned as a last-ditch effort I was never going to make, an assortment of pleas and sorrowful tunes perfect for playing on a boombox outside his office window–Tom Waits, “Bad Liver & a Broken Heart” The Cure’s “Cut Here,” The Smiths, “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (I am nothing if not melodramatic).

But now he’s back and I am at a complete loss for songs.  Do I put my whole heart on my sleeve, reveal to him seven awful years of heartsickness, or do I celebrate his return, play for him all the songs I’ve heard over the years that I thought he would like–the Replacements, Tenpole Tudor, the Magnetic Fields?

And harder still is that so many of my songs are already taken up–I can’t very well give him “Midnite Cruiser,” that’s Matthew & I’s song.  “I Will Dare” makes me think of Thor, and “Choked Up” was the song that was playing the night Ian and I first kissed. Where’s your advice for that, Arlene?

I think I’ll keep “Bigmouth Strikes Again,” though.  It’s still appropriate.


The Girls Don’t Seem to Care

Kick off your high-heeled sneakers, it’s party time” Steely Dan, “FM”

Though I can’t find a specific quote referring to it, I recall reading somewhere that a woman should always wear heels.  Something about having nice legs and men like them and so on.  Maybe Victoria Beckham said it, I don’t know.

But THIS WEEK I am going to wear high heels WITH EVERY OUTFIT.  Oh yeah.   I started yesterday, wearing these CUTE round-toe Bettie Page heels I got from Mandee when I was in college with rose-print Betsey Johnson socks and skinny jeans.  Wearing funky socks with heels is MY NEW LOOK, stolen off the back of the Betsey Johnson sock package.

Today I wore pretty much the same combo, only with black and white patterned socks and slightly different pants.  And since I sit all day, my feet didn’t hurt too badly.  Strutting around the grocery store, I felt very, very sexy.  It feels good to wear heels again.