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One Day More

Just one more day to vote on what I should do with my hair!  Here are some highlights from the votes thus far:

1) “Leave enough for a good handful” Thom (Fresh!)

2) “Option Four: Aeon Flux” Pete (Eeon responded “Didn’t her hair turn into a sword?”  I would totally get sword hair)

3) “Your Dano-Esq hair looks great and you shouldn’t feel any pressure to change it” Mike (awww!)

One more day!  Leave them in the comments, email geek.girl.goes.glam (at) gmail.com or find me on twitter @libbycudmore

Crowdsourcing my ‘do

I think it’s about time I got rid of my accidental, once-called-Paul-Dano-esq flip hairdo, as it has grown to an odd, shaggy length that, while cute, is sort of boring me.

But, like makeup, I am terrible at picking out a haircut, so I thought, why not enlist the help of the internet?  They ALWAYS make good decisions (see also: The return of Arrested Development)

Hair Front

I’ve got three specific choices, but I’m up for suggestions.  I want something cute, but needs minimal maintence, but sexy.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

OPTION ONE: Leave it the way it is and grow it out.  Should be long and even by fall with only a few basic trims.

OPTION TWO: The Sin City “Lucille” bob.  Downside: Have to curl it under every day.

OPTION THREE: The Victoria Beckham/Faye Valentine angled bob.  Downside: I’d have to straighten it every day, and will probably burn my ears


Option #2

OPTION FOUR: Suggestions?  Tweet them to @libbycudmore or email them (with pics!) to geek.girl.goes.glam (at) gmail (dot) com


Option #3