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All The Single Ladies

Glam Geek Michelle sent me this great link on dating tips from the 1930’s–they’re all pretty relevant, don’t flirt with other guys, don’t pass out drunk, don’t look bored even if he’s talking about something that BORES YOU TO TEARS!


Reader Submission

Melissa, who awesomely tweets under the handle @nursethebeer as “The future ex-Mrs. Malcolm” (it was pretty much love at first RT.  Seriously, follow her, she’s hysterical) sent me this amazing collection of video tutorials about keeping clean, neat and pretty enough so that people won’t run screaming from you.  For instance, internet, did you know taking a bath every day is a good habit?  Also, don’t wear red nail polish if you have stubby fingers.  It’ll draw attention to your gross deformity, and you’ll probably end up in the Mutter Museum, you freak.