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Throwing Shade (Take 2)


Too cute!

I once again tried taking my parasol out for a few days, and this time, was more careful about it.  I finally figured out that the parasol works best when you won’t be outside for long enough bouts of time to warrant slathering on the sunscreen, but will be outside frequently (shopping, for instance) and for long periods of time (lots of shopping!)  Otherwise, such as at a cafe or while I’m trying to interview someone, it does become a bit unwieldy.

The dress, by the way, is #72 in Generation T, “Flapper Frenzy.”  I made it to wear at my presentation on Buckaroo Banzai at my MFA program and color-wise, it’s modeled after the one Penny Priddy wears in the nightclub scene.  What can I say?  I’m a glam geek! (The anime eyes help)

Throwing Shade

“Perhaps Arab women, swathed in veils, and Victorian maidens screening their complexions with scarves and parasols have the right idea”  Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man.

I was blessed with a lovely alabaster complexion that turns a hellfire red if I’m out in the sun for more than eleven seconds.  I usually slather on a nice SPF 50 before going out of the mail, but I decided to try out my vintage Chinese paper parasol, because I’m fancy.

It was cumbersome at first and took a bit to get used to.  I had to lug that and my purse, and I wasn’t going far, just from the car to the mall.  But I got a ton of compliments.

I went out to Brewery Ommegang with Mike, thinking we’d get some beers, eat some lunch and walk around the grounds.  I was still wearing high heels, but I figured that the grass was lush enough where I was going to kick them off.

We decided to eat outside because it was so beautiful out, but with two master’s degrees between us, we couldn’t figure out how to get the table umbrella up.  Ah well, I thought to myself, setting down my parasol.  We’ll only be here long enough to eat and then I’ll walk around with my parasol up.

Two hours later we’re still sitting there, just talk talk talking, and my arm and shoulder has turned bright, bright red.  And it hurt.  

So much for my delicate pale skin.  We’ll try the parasol when my 3rd degree sunburn finally heals.  But for now, aloe and long sleeves