Throwing Shade (Take 2)


Too cute!

I once again tried taking my parasol out for a few days, and this time, was more careful about it.  I finally figured out that the parasol works best when you won’t be outside for long enough bouts of time to warrant slathering on the sunscreen, but will be outside frequently (shopping, for instance) and for long periods of time (lots of shopping!)  Otherwise, such as at a cafe or while I’m trying to interview someone, it does become a bit unwieldy.

The dress, by the way, is #72 in Generation T, “Flapper Frenzy.”  I made it to wear at my presentation on Buckaroo Banzai at my MFA program and color-wise, it’s modeled after the one Penny Priddy wears in the nightclub scene.  What can I say?  I’m a glam geek! (The anime eyes help)

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