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Dirty Words

“Avoid obscenity . . .with rare exception, an obscene word is nothing more than a crude substitute for  a better word.” Quientin Crisp & Donald Carroll Doing It With Style (1981)

I’ll confess, I’ve fallen pretty hard back on my old swearing ways post-Lent.  I’ve had a rough few weeks, but that’s no excuse.  My language is filthy, and it needs to be cleaned up, unless I want to look like this bimbo:

The End of Lent . . . and the Beginning of Something Better

Happy Easter!  Lent is over, with $40, a buck per curse word, in the One Great Hour of Sharing envelope.  One curse word per day–that’s a considerable change from my usual vulgarity.  AWP tried my fortitude considerably, but otherwise, I held pretty strong.  Even during G.I. Joe: Retaliation. (I cannot get over how completely idiotic this movie is.  It’s become a bit of an obsession.)

But I’m not looking forward to getting back to celebrity gossip and cursing.  I won’t have to put a dollar in the kitty each time I do it, but it wasn’t like I was counting down the days until I could drop a casual f-bomb or see what Lindsey Lohan was up to (spoiler alert: no good).  I feel a little cleaner, a little less weighed down.  It’s a feeling you can only get on Easter Sunday, when the sun is shining and the Peeps are peeping and it finally, finally seems like spring might actually arrive.