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Hat Trick #4, #5, #6



The turban is another wonderful, unexpected disguise for limp hair.  I bought this little number n Austin, TX while visiting our friend Sterling.  He was nice enough to take me to all the coolest thrift stores, and I found this piece on the last day of our trip.



The little red flower was a great impulse purchase from Hot Topic a few months back, and really adds a certain flair to an outfit, especially when it’s TOO HOT to wear a big heavy hat.  


The sunhat was the hardest to work around because it’s just so dramatic.  Very Lydia Dietz.  But my assignment that morning called for sneakers, so despite my best intentions, I didn’t feel as put-together as I might have otherwise.  It did, however, keep the sun off my face, a plus, plus a man asked if he could take a picture to show his wife, also a hat fiend.



The lesson learned is that, yes, hats are awesome and should be worn as often as possible with as many outfits as you can create.  They elevate you to a level of style no other woman in the room can possible compete with.  Ian loved each and every one I brought out, lots of men compliment them and they really do serve as a unique conversation starter.  Have hats for all of them!

I’ll revisit this stunt again, when it gets colder…get out my wool cloches and derbies!

Hat Trick #4

“A becoming hat…can hide a droopy hairstyle”  Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man

The cloche hat is a magical hat.  It can hide even the worst hair, like when you have to rush to an Imagesudden interview and don’t have time to shower, plus it’s chic and kind of funky and really compliments short hair.

This 1920’s burlap cloche is another hat I’ve never worn.  A friend of my grandma’s gave it to me in high school because she knew I loved vintage clothes.  It had been folded up for decades, and never quite fit right.  So when I started this week, I borrowed a foam head from Ian and tried to reshape it, crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t damage it.  It worked, and now I have a sweet new hat, perfect for summer! (my other cloche is wool, not really summer ready).  And it made me look put together for my interview, even though I’d had to rush out the door when I got the call and didn’t have time to shower (don’t worry, I washed my hair when I got home!)

Hat Trick #3

“Hats are like vitamins–they make you feel good and look even better!” Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man

Hat3Wednesday is my day off in that I don’t have to go into the office and can dress a little more casually, but even when I’m “slumming it,” I still want to LOOK GOOD!  The flower pin is from my trip to London, and this grey cap is probably the hat I wear most often–it hides bad hair days (so many bad hair days) it keeps the sun out of my eyes and, best of all, is just cute!

A hat really can make an outfit.  Without the hat (and the scarf, which belonged to my grandmother) this would just be a boring tank top and jeans.  Add some accessories, and TA-DA! it’s a chic ensemble!

Hat Trick Day 2

“The right hat gives a woman a lift…when she adjusts a seductive wisp of veil over her eyes or pins a pert bit of fluff on her head, she not only looks more beguiling, she feels that way too”  Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man

I’ve had this little black velvet cap with the birdcage veil forever, but I don’t remember where or when I got it or if I’ve ever actually worn it.  (Best guess: Rags-a-Go-Go in NYC, High School, No).  But what better time to try it out than during Hat Week?

The hardest part was putting together an outfit to go with such a vintage hat. A dress might make it look too costume-y for a Tuesday in the office, but I didn’t just want to slap it on my head all willy-nilly.


Late night and still looking fine!

The birdcage veil caused it’s own set of problems.  It looked stupid over my glasses, and I don’t like to wear contacts on my 13 hour Tuesdays (plus I was out of contact lens solution).  I ended up draping it backwards so that it accented the hat.  I thought it looked awesome, and gave me a way to wear it more often.

Outfit wise, I ended up going with a my favorite red polo shirt and black jeggings, but it was the gloves that tied it all together.  I bought those for my 80s prom ensemble I wore to the Stonecoast graduation dance (Matthew, who went to a born-again high school and didn’t have a prom, was my date). and haven’t worn them nearly as often as I should.  They soften an otherwise boyish ensemble and lend a sweet, but edgy touch to an outfit.  The black lace matched the netting, pulling the whole thing together.  

The problem with this hat is, like the pillbox, it’s not very secure.  The velvet makes it too thick to pin down, and it merely rested on top of my head the whole day, held on only by wills and prayer.  I had to keep adjusting it, and if I moved, it threatened to fall forward.  At least for part of the day, though, it reminded me to sit up straight.

But despite that, I really, really liked wearing this hat.  I’ve held onto it for so long and often thinking about getting rid of it, but finally figuring out how to wear it and what it can do for an outfit means it’s going to get some heavy hat rotation.

Hat Trick

“Walk directly to the hat of your dreams and declare your love” Mr. John, The Charming Woman (Edited by Helen Fraser) (1950)

I have always loved hats, especially because they hide 30 years of hair I’ve never quite fully taken to liking.  I’ve had all sorts of hats–cabbie caps, Blossom brims, tiny pillboxes, enormous sunhats.


I started with berets in the sixth grade, because my sister Shaun wore them with her long green Eponine-esq Army trenchcoat (Shaun was so cool), and then Monica Lewinsky ruined the beret until I was in 10th grade, where I have several photos of me rockin’ a beret with my sophomore year Daria uniform of a sweater, pleated skirt, patterned tights and combat boots (even though personality wise, I’m more Jane).

I do own a raspberry beret and yes, I got it in a second-hand store.  I want a leopard-skin pillbox hat too, just to continue my musical nerd-dom.

I started this week’s stunt with my black pillbox, complete with jeweled hatpin.  My hair was misbehaving today, which actually made hat wearing more difficult.  See, I have this thing with my ears–I don’t like stuff touching the tops/backs of them.  Glasses are torture enough (especially when they get loose, which they do surprisingly often), but I don’t like anything that could make them stick out any further than they already do.  


Hats Are Fun!

The hat, combined with the limpness of my terrible hair, kept pushing out my ears, and I had to keep adjusting the whole thing, which almost ended up being more trouble than it’s worth.  It’s a very cute hat and I liked the little “bump” it gave me in the back, but even now, it’s still not one that I wear very often.