Follow Up (That Was Fast)

The writer in question HAS SINCE APOLOGIZED.  You are now welcome to buy any of his books.

And maybe I lashed out too soon.  But I have a real thing about being told to keep quiet.  Yes, I know, Arlene tells me to never top or correct a man, but my first boyfriend was constantly up in my kitchen about how I embarrassed him or how I was too loud or maybe I should change my outfit because it drew to much attention.  Hell, my own XSD, who is a strong contender for the Worst Person Ever*, once called me an “embarrassment to my family” because he didn’t like the boots I was wearing.

So yeah, I get a little oversensitive when people tell me to quiet down, cover up, settle down or shut my mouth.  But I stand by the point I made, even if it wasn’t the point this writer was making.

Apology accepted.  Public spanking over.


*Beat out only by his skank-ass girlfriend

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