Putting the “Lady” in “Homeless Lady”

The reason I have not been posting these past few days is because Ian and I had to leave our house due to some sort of massive plumbing failure that struck at 1a.m. on Friday.  We have no water, and don’t know when we’ll have water, so we’re living with his dad until we can find a new place to live.

But I am not deterred from my quest.  If anything, it means I get to fuss over Ian AND his dad, set up a new household . . . but if my posts aren’t as frequent for the next few days, just trust that somewhere in upstate NY, I am primping and preening and tidying and packing.

But back to the good stuff.


Looking Fab!

For a week I followed Arlene Dahl’s advice to get up, put on makeup and look pretty for when the man of the house arises.  I ditched the “gay housecoat” the second day in, realizing that my loud lumpiness was not exactly impressing Ian.  The second day was harder than the first; my friend Ari was visiting and we stayed up late chatting, so I was exhausted and kept trying to make excuses for why I should stay in bed.

But I got up and got ready each and every day.  And I started to enjoy the time to myself.  I felt more prepared to take on the day, I was relaxed when Ian did get up.  I had time to have a cup of tea and write a little.  It was nice, and I intend to continue.


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