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U Jelly?

“The best massage oil for the face is good old Vaseline” Gloria Richards, A New You (1980)

I take this even further and recommend Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  I discovered this miracle while playing mini-golf in Austin, TX–someone had just left an unopened tin on the 3rd hole!  So I took it, and have sworn by it ever since as a night cream.  It’s petroleum jelly with cottonseed oil and it smells amazing–plus it’s light enough so that you don’t go to bed all greasy.



Moist As I Wanna Be

“For softer skin, rub rich sour cream into your body before you take a shower, then let the water rinse it away” Barbara Walden, Easy Glamour (1981) 


Yummy . . .?

My first attempt at bizarre beauty was from my own kitchen.  When Matthew came to visit, he made goulash, and left a whole bucket of sour cream in our fridge.  I don’t like sour cream on anything; might as well put it to practical use . . . for vanity.

The application was not pleasant.  It was cold and slimy going on, as expected, and the scent of sour cream warming on human flesh in front of a space heater is not exactly appealing.

What surprised me is that it actually worked.  The stink was gone pretty quickly.  My skin was noticeably softer, sort of velvety.  However, it didn’t feel well moisturized, just a little dewy.  Think I’ll stick with Vitamin E oil instead.