Sick-Day Glam

“The idea is to possess a single perfect ensemble for each of the different occasions in your life, rather than wide choice of clothes to suit every mood.” Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man.

During this project, I have learned what works (feeding people) and what doesn’t work (wearing curlers to bed)  But today, I have reached a new level of glam…not with hair dye, not with jewelry…

Sick DayWith a sick day.

Having paired down my wardrobe and not bought on a whim, as HGB suggested, I now mostly own clothes I routinely wear.  It makes picking out an outfit for work, a day off or a dressy occasion that much easier, and it means that everything I have pairs well with lots of other pieces in my wardrobe.

I realized I had achieved this state of fashion zen when I was standing at the bus stop, feeling miserable.  I have a terrible cold coming on; sore throat, stuffy head, aches, fatigue and general unhappiness.  I had thrown together the most comfortable outfit that I could while still being work-appropriate, and was standing at the bus stop, drinking my tea and trying to to outright die.

As I approached my bus, I heard a girl say, “That’s what I want to look like–she’s got a great style, right there.”  She was pointing at me.  Me, in my sick-day cardigan and hat from Lady Heisenburg of Albuquerque, Doc Martens and leggings.  I had an enviable style because I don’t have erroneous clothes lying around.  I don’t keep unflattering garments or clothes that don’t fit and feel right. Just because you feel like garbage doesn’t mean you have to look it.

This weekend, find your sick day outfit.  Leggings and a fitted tee-shirt, a sweater dress, something comfy enough to lie around in but nice enough so that when you have to run to the store for Theraflu, people don’t assume you’re homeless and using it to make meth.  Here’s a hint: Sweatpants are never, ever flattering. Ban them from your closet.

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