Guest Post and Book Giveaway: Win a Copy of “Ooh La La!” by Jamie Cat Callan

ImageMy friend and mentor Jamie Cat Callan has always been one of the most glamorous women I’ve ever known.  She walks into a room like she’s got her own cool breeze around her, and you’re just absolutely mesmerized.
It also helps that she’s an outstanding writer, creating The Writer’s Toolbox (which is a MUST for any writer; trust me, you’ll never have writer’s block AGAIN) and the author of French Women Don’t Sleep AloneBonjour, Happiness! and Ooh La La!  French Women’s Secrets To Feeling Beautiful Every Day.
I wanted to know her secret, and she told me it’s a French way of thinking:
French women are no more beautiful than any other women.  However, the difference is—French women believe that beauty comes from within.  French women will spend a lifetime refining their individual look and style, often enlisting the help of mentors, beauty experts, grandmothers and imaging experts.  They are not interested in looking like Angelina Jolie or the latest “It” Girl, but their very best, very unique selves. This is the secret to their timeless intrigue.  
In fact, many French women who are considered beautiful are also a little “off.”  Perhaps it’s a big nose or lots of freckles or eyes that are just a little too wide apart.  A French woman will embrace the very thing that makes her a bit different, and then she will accent it and make it her trademark.  This kind of confidence is bold and very, very attractive.
And Libby, you’ll be happy to know that French women often mix up the new with the old.  So, the idea of a Geek Girl Going Glam is very French!  They’ll carry a vintage parasol (like the one you own) with a pair of their grandmother’s lace gloves and then wear a gorgeous designer skirt and pair that with a fast-fashion top from some place like Zara or H&M.  So you see, they like to mix things up—and this makes them very glam, indeed. 
In terms of their relationships with men—French women are careful not to “give it all up.”  Even after being with someone for a long, long time, they always remain just a little bit mysterious, and just a little bit unpredictable.  This keeps things endlessly intriguing.  Think of it like this—a woman is a flower.  She can blossom, but she should always keep some secret part of herself hidden.  That’s ooh la la.
Jamie has lovingly offered an autographed copy of her recently-released Ooh La La: French Women’s Secrets To Feeling Beautiful Every Day to one of my lucky glamorous readers–tell me what makes you feel beautiful, either in the comments section, by email at or on Twitter, @libbycudmore, and “Like” Jamie’s Facebook page by Saturday, July 27.  I will randomly choose and announce a winner next Monday!
What makes YOU feel beautiful?

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    • I’ve spent my lifetime refining my individuality, and nothing makes me feel more beautiful than continuing to grow in this lifetime. I am more beautiful inside than I was twenty years ago, and this has come from personal growth and experience. This is how I feel beautiful: by embracing and accepting who I am becoming every day. This comes from within. Of course, it usually happens after a long span of feeling as though, because I am no longer the person I once was, I am not sure if the person I am about to emerge into will be as beautiful as the person I once accepted. However, growth IS inner beauty, and a woman who has it all and can carry her life experiences as proud as ever certainly does shine from within!

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