Your Biggest Fan

“The destinies of nations have been altered . . . by the flutter of a fan.  Why not revive these delightful customs of the past to stimulate romance?” Arlene Dahl, Always Ask a Man

"I'd like to know you better"

“I’d like to know you better”

I’ve always loved the image of Southern women gently fanning themselves in a warmly-lit church or on a porch, so I dug out a lovely bamboo fan Ian gave me a few years ago, and with the weather as hot as it has been, I’ve really been using it!  At work, it gave me something to fiddle with while I thought through a difficult article or pay layout, a quiet pause in the day to contemplate.

Arlene has a wonderful diagram of ways a fan can be used to

"I love you"

“I love you”

communicate.  I tried some of these out on a certain older bachelor I know, but if he noticed, he didn’t say anything.  But either way, it kept me cool!

"I'll keep our secret"

“I’ll keep our secret”

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  2. You are very beautiful! I must admit I love when ladies fan away in church and at graduations. I am from the South so it still happens here.

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