Cooking With Carnation (Part 1)

“The smart girl fills her cream pitcher with Carnation . . . brings out richer coffee flavor”  Mary Blake, Teen -Time Cooking with Carnation


It’s Fun To Be a Housewife!

Ian found this little cookbook for me at a local ephemera show and it is simultaneously awesome and terrifying.  Mrs. Blake suggests you put Carnation Evaporated Milk in burgers (Hamburger On a Stick) Tuna Salad (which she suggest you make instead of being a “Sad Suzy”) and other disgusting recipes I’ll absolutely be trying throughout the rest of this project.

Naturally, we drink a lot of coffee at the newspaper, but without a fridge, we’re stuck with powdered milk, which none of us like but all of us use (except Jim, who, as a consummate newspaper man, takes his black).  

I brought in some Carnation evaporated milk and Thom in sales was the first to eagerly try it out.  He was impressed.  “I don’t have to add a ton of sugar!” he said.

I tried it out next and was similarly impressed.  It wasn’t better than milk, but it was sure as hell better than the powdered stuff.  And back at the homestead, I’ve got some Whoopie Pie flavored coffee, which would probably be neat with “the milk that whips!” and some raw sugar. (except that I left my can opener at work–twice.)

It’s also got 1/3 the calories of regular milk, which makes me feel less terrible* about messing up my diet last week.


*I’m kidding.  I didn’t feel terrible at all.

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