Glam Geek Gets Double Crossed (Stitch)

I had a sick day last week, but because I can’t just sit still, I decided that if I was going to be stuck in bed all day, I might as well take up a new hobby.

When we moved, I found a cross-stitch program that I’d ordered back in Binghamton back when I used to order tons of free stuff to supplement my poverty–I only recently let go of the Beechnut baby bowl that was once my only bowl–and decided now was as good a time as any to take up needlework.  My grandma was awesome at embroidery, quilting and cross-stitch, taught me to sew and knit, so I felt like I was doing this in her memory.

Maybe it’s not in any of my beauty books, but cross-stitch is RAD.  Crafts are RAD.  And Ian thinks it’s so awesome, he wants me to teach him how to do it, so we’re going to make a cross-stitch date. 

Cross-stitch also allows me to indulge in my love of geeky chibi things.  And with MyPhotoStitch, I can make all sorts of nerdy crafts.  Like this.  Or This.  OR THIS.  And it’s easy.  Really easy. Easy enough that I can do it when I’m sick.



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