Say Yes to The Dress #6

I’m going to agree with Arlene on this one–dresses are awesome.

I don’t think my pants put Ian on any sort of psychological guard, but I do have to agree that while wearing a dress, I felt more feminine.  I sat up straighter, I was more aware of my surroundings and how I spoke.  “I loved watching you move around the office,” he told me.  “You carried yourself differently.”

But what I discovered are that dresses are an amazing way to be lazy.  A sweater dress and leggings are just pajamas you can wear to work.  Throw on a dress, loop a scarf around your neck and BAM, work ready, party ready, whatever ready.  They’re an amazing garment, and men should be jealous that we get to wear them.

I stood out in the freezing cold in a dress.  I rummaged through a junkyard in a dress.  I’m not going to throw away all my jeans, but this week has made me rethink the dress as a piece of clothing.  Anything jeans can do, a dress can do better.

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