A Date With Rifftrax, Goodbye 30 Rock

Tonight I’m embarking on one of my absolute favorite dates with two of my absolute favorite people–that is, my boyfriend Ian and my friend Eeon of CannedLaser are joining me to see the rebroadcast of Best of Rifftrax Live: Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Quick word about Eeon–he’s the funniest person I know, only because I don’t know Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax in real life, even if he does occasionally reply to my Tweets, which makes my heart flutter, because I am a nerd.

Eeon and I have known each other since college and are absolute proof that men and women can just be friends.  We’re pals.  His wife is wonderful.  He let me give the speech from Independence Day at his wedding and let me guest podcast with him and his co-host, Pete, who is also hysterical.

But tonight is also the end of 30 Rock, which, along with MST3K and The Shield, can be credited with fundamentally changing my life.  Liz Lemon taught me that it was okay to be a geek and to love junk food and to look fab eating Cheesy Blasters, (even if she didn’t think so)  I was torn between two of my strongest nerd loyalties . . . and ultimately, decided on Rifftrax, because  it means I get to go to Bomber’s Burrito Bar afterwards.  See what I mean?  That’s Liz Lemon’s doing.  Image

Because I’m going out, I faced a geek dilemma–do I dress to impress MST3K fans by sporting my slightly oversized red JOIKE sweater (styled after the one given to Mike by Gypsy in episode 521, Santa Claus), or do I dress to impress one/both of my dates by wearing something cute and nice?  Skirt or jeans?  Where do leggings fit into the picture?  The JOIKE sweater is wool and it’s cold outside, what does that count for? 

I decided on the JOIKE sweater, a long fitted top underneath (like a bandage skirt) and Mossimo floral patterned leggings with Doc Martens.  Is it the most stylish, flattering, feminine outfit I own?  No.  But will it make my dates feel comfortable and at ease when we’re eating nachos at Bomber’s Burrito Bar afterwards?  Probably.  No one likes being overdressed and no one likes a high-maintenance girl.  The sweater is appropriate for the occasion and the weather, and might even earn me a few compliments from fellow Rifftrax geeks.

And besides, it’s sexier than a Slanket.  Goodbye, Liz Lemon . . . I’l miss you.

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